Sickening moment United Airlines worker ‘is decked in horror brawl at check-in’

United Airlines has launched an urgent investigation into a shocking incident at a check-in desk where a fist-fight erupted between a member of the public and one of the airline’s staff.

The check-in clerk and a passenger can be seen arguing at the counter before fists began flying.

A United spokesperson told the Daily Star: "The man in the black sweatshirt was using a wheelchair to carry his luggage when the United Ground Express employee approached him".

After a short argument, the man takes several swings at the desk clerk, who tries to bob and weave out of the way.

Then, a few moments later, the United employee can be seen apparently slapping the passenger.

The man retaliates, landing a rapid flurry of blows that leaves the United employee stumbling back onto the luggage conveyor belt.

As he gets up, he’s clearly stunned and unable to regain his balance, and there’s evidence of a nasty cut above his eye.

As bystanders about “stop, stop” the still clearly furious passenger can be heard saying: “You want some more? You want more?”

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The United spokesperson told the Daily Star: “United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter.”

At least two different version of the confrontation were circulating on Twitter overnight – both drawing massive responses but edited slightly differently, offering different perspectives on who exactly threw the first punch.

The differing edits left social media users arguing furiously about which of the two men was in the wrong.

Twitter user Mario Brown insisted: “This is not how it started, there is an even longer video. This vid conveniently cut off the section that shows the [United employee] hitting the black one first. This section of the vid is just the black man responding to that earlier attack. Very deceptive edit”.

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