Sick moment John Wayne Gacy claims he ‘outsmarted’ cops because he killed 33

It has been almost 30 years since the horrifying killer John Wayne Gacy was finally put to death for his six-year killing spree, claiming the lives of 33 young men and boys.

Perceived as a popular 'family man' who boasted the identity of Pogo the clown for children's parties, nobody expected he would be one of America's most prolific serial killers.

His story has been told many times as the depravity of his crimes continued to be unearthed but for the first time, his crimes are heard in his own words.

The chilling recordings, shared in the Netflix documentary Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes', show Gacy boasting to his lawyers about how he 'outsmarted' the police and revealing that he didn't see his victims as human beings.

Sickeningly, he can be heard admitting that murdering a young man gave him 'a mind-numbing orgasm'.

He was only caught out when after one of his youngest victims, Rob Piest, aged just 15, went missing, a witness recalled seeing him speaking with Gacy.

After cops caught the smell of rotting flesh wafting through his home they raided it and discovered 29 bodies buried in a crawl space under his house.

The maniac then admitted four more had been thrown in the river after he ran out of room under his home.

Gacy was eventually brought to trial on Feb 6, 1980. The jury convicted him of 33 murders after less than two hours of deliberations and he was sentenced to death.

14 years after his sentence, the serial killer was finally executed on May 10, 1994 – the anniversary of the first time he was arrested in 1968, for sodomy, in Waterloo, Iowa. Yet in a chilling comment, just moments before his death, Gacy showed no remorse, making a sickening remark.

An investigator for Cook County, Greg Bedoe, who was there at the clown's execution, told the documentary: "I was hoping Gacy would be completely unglued, screaming, hollering, crying – I wanted him to be afraid, I wanted him to suffer like all his victims did."

But instead, Gacy joked: "Hey I got news for you, I killed 33 times – you're only going to kill me once. Gacy outsmarted them again."

The comment was followed by manic, unhinged laughter.

Bedoe told the camera: "He took one deep breath, closed his eyes and he was gone. When he died, I wanted justice, a balance of the scales."

The murderer, upon hearing of his death sentence, was even said to have comforted his defence, Sam Amirante, who admitted he broke down when they lost the case. The lawyer shared: "he told me 'Sam, Sam you've got to understand one thing, you guys went up against a brick wall."

The horrendous killer, who raped, tortured and murdered his victim, said: "I think the jury did the right thing in finding me guilty but I don't think they should have given me the death penalty." When asked why not, he simply responded: "well they didn't hear the whole story..

He added: "I have no remorse. Mark my words, I'm going to get out and settle the score." Plenty of his victims have been identified but others still have not:

  • Timothy Jack McCoy, 16
  • Victim No. 28, 14-18
  • John Butkovich, 18
  • Victim No. 5, 22-32
  • Darrel Samson, 19
  • Samuel Stapleton, 14
  • Randall Reffett, 15
  • Michael Bonnin, 17
  • William Carroll, 16
  • Victim No. 26, 22-30
  • Jimmy Haakenson, 16
  • Victim No. 13, 17-21
  • Victim No. 21 , 21-27
  • Rick Johnston, 17
  • William George Bundy, 19
  • Michael Marino, 14
  • Kenneth Parker, 16
  • Gregory Godzik, 17
  • John Szyc, 19
  • John Prestidge, 20
  • Victim No. 10, 17-21
  • Matthew Bowman, 18
  • Robert Gilroy, 18
  • John Mowery, 19
  • Russell Nelson, 21-22
  • Robert Winch, 18
  • Tommy Boling, 20
  • David Talsma, 20
  • William Kindred, 19
  • Timothy O’Rourke, 20
  • Frank Landingin, 19
  • James Mazzara, 20
  • Robert Piest, 15

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