Shark attack victim was warned about beast just moments before she was mauled

A tourist was bitten by a shark while paddling in the sea at South Carolina, USA, after ignoring the fears of her grandson.

Karren Sites, 55, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, paid a visit to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with her husband and grandchildren last month.

But while Karren was paddling in the shallows just one day after arriving, disaster struck.

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She told The Independent that her grandkids had expressed their fears there may be sharks in the sea, saying: "And I said, 'Oh, don't be afraid. It is so rare that anybody ever gets bit by a shark'."

Yet moments later, a shark leaped out of the water and bit Karren's arm, while her eight-year-old grandson Britan watched on.

She said: "I felt a sharp kind of intense pain on my right arm, and my first thought was, 'It's anything but a shark.' I looked down and there was a shark attached to my arm."

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Karren said that the shark eventually let go of her arm and she was able to make it back to shore, where an ER worker rushed to her aid, washing her arm with bottled water.

She was then taken to hospital, where she was assessed for damage.

The 55-year-old was able to escape lasting injuries, only sustaining damage to her ring finger, but she was advised that due to tendon and nerve damage, her arm may not be fully functioning again.

However, her grandson was emotionally affected by the incident and that he had been left "traumatised" by what happened, as he saw it all unfold.


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