Shark attack victim waited 10 hours for help after being savaged by beast

A man savaged by a shark while on a fishing charter spent ten hours trapped on the vessel before professional medics could treat his gruesome injuries.

The 30-year-old Perth man was attacked around Varanus Island, near the small coastal town of Onslow in Western Australia's north.

The man who described the shark as "a big one" alleged the predator was longer than three metres.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman told NCA News Wire that the man was attacked around 8.30pm on Tuesday and he suffered significant but not life-threatening injuries.

She said he had "a few bites" to his body and first aid was provided by those on the boat soon after the attack occurred by providing pain relief, as well as cleaning and bandaging his wounds.

The spokeswoman said: "“I think they did a pretty good job — they controlled the bleeding.”

The boat then travelled through the night in order to reach Exmouth, a 107km journey down the coast, where they were met by paramedics at about 10.30am.

The man was taken to Exmouth Hospital where he remains in a stable condition, though it is possible he may need to be flown to Perth for further treatment.

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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development stated a Sicklefin Lemon Shark, which can grow up to 4m in length, was responsible for the attack.

This Lemon Shark species are known to respond vigorously to antagonisation though they will sometimes retreat when approached.

Last year there were 17 unprovoked shark attacks in Australia, and eight of those events resulted in fatalities.

The increase in Australia's average, which is usually four fatalities a year, comes in tandem with the news of a "huge invasion of sharks" on British shores.

Professor David Sims said that the the reduced traffic during lockdown could lie behind the surge.

He added that 2020 saw large predators lurking in "very shallow water", and multiple sightings of both basking and porbeagle sharks have been reported closer to the shore than usual this year.

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