Shamans predict the coronavirus pandemic will ‘disappear’ from the world in 2021

Shamans in Peru have predicted that coronavirus will "disappear" from the world in 2021.

The spiritual healers have made a series of predictions for next year as they performed a ritual to bring good health and fortune to the Peruvian capital of Lima.

Shaman Jairo Osco said: "The pandemic will disappear. It will disappear, it will calm down.

"People will open their spiritual side, their peacefulness.

"2021 is on the way."

The ceremony featured a group of shaman wearing traditional clobber, chanting and holding up a banner saying 'welcome 2021' in Spanish.

The group then released the offerings into a river.

They also blessed US president-elect Joe Biden with wisdom.

Shaman Jairo added: "We have blessed US president-elect Joe Biden with flowers, so that he may lead a good government, make good decisions, have his mind enlightened, have the Sun God enlighten him, so that he may make good decisions for humanity."

The healers also "punished" political leaders they consider "corrupt", including outgoing US president Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro, president of fellow South American country Venezuela.

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Peru has suffered more than one million coronavirus cases with 37,574 deaths.

The South American country suspended flights from Europe last week due to the mutant strain of Covid-19 which is spreading through the UK.

President Francisco Sagasti was concerned about passengers from Britain entering through another country when flights from Europe restarted on December 15.

Peruvian officials have said the pandemic is the most devastating public health crisis to hit the country in more than 500 years since Europeans brought diseases like smallpox and measles to the Americas.

Shamanism is a practice that dates back around 30,000 years with early evidence of the tradition in South African rock art.

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