Sex workers erect ‘sex tent’ in children’s play park sparking local outrage

Residents of a crime-ridden suburb of Melbourne, Australia, have expressed their fury after sex workers erected a tent brothel in a children’s playground.

One local from the Hemmings Park precinct in Dandenong West said she had reported the grubby tent to her local council, complaining that the area was turning into a lawless ghetto.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, she described the scene: “There were sleeping bags inside, along with a whole heap of condom wrappers.

'This is meant to a place for kids,” she said, “with a large playground and skateboard ramps, it was there for almost four months, it was shocking.”

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She took a number of photos of the “sex tent,” which showed a scattering of condom wrappers and discarded drinking cups.

A nearby chemist told reporters that the area was regularly littered with drugs paraphernalia and he has witnessed heroin overdoses in the past: “There's certainly syringes out the back, which is a problem,” he said, adding “I had to call an ambulance because someone overdosed in the public toilets across the road.

“I was running the pharmacy, while dealing with someone who was overdosed and on the phone to the paramedics,' he said.

Another Dandenong West shopkeeper Manjinder Kaur, who runs Hemmings Park’s Nanak Bakery, told Daily Mail Australia: “I can say quite frankly that we see condoms in the back of the cake shop, [drug users] also leave rubbish and we see syringes in the back lane.

“Two or three months ago, they were doing drugs and had a fight so my husband came and said ‘please go’.”

“The police eventually came,” she added.

“The day before yesterday,” Ms Kaur continued, “we saw some blood on the ground. So yesterday, we made the decision to build a fence at the back of the store. Sometimes we can't even exit through the back of the store.”

The local police chief, Inspector Mark Langhorn, said that officers regularly patrol Hemmings Street.

“We are aware this is a busy area, particularly given the proximity to the Dandenong CBD, and task our officers to patrol accordingly,' he told the Herald Sun.

He added that there had recently been a decline in calls for police assistance in the area over the past few months.

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