Self-proclaimed millionaire ‘kidnapped woman and carved number 6 into her hand’

A self-proclaimed “millionaire’ from the USA who allegedly took a woman hostage for weeks in his home and carved the number 6 into her hand has been arrested.

It’s claimed that Ramone Marcio Martinez, 39, from Salt Lake City Utah routinely beat his captive – with the number 6 representing his sick 6-month deadline for her to “love him or be killed.”

According to media in the States, Martinez, who was arrested on December 29 2021 has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault.

The New York Post reports that his victim, who remains anonymous, was able to escape after texting her friends from captivity.

When Police arrived at Martinez’s house, he allegedly opened the door holding a handgun inside his hoodie.

In a police booking affidavit, obtained by ABC 4, the grim details of the victim’s condition were laid bare.

It reports that she had bruises around both of her eyes and was struggling to breathe.

The victim reportedly told police that Martinzes had choked her till she wet herself on two occasions and beat her with a belt.

The affidavit reads: “At another point in time (he) grabbed the victim and held a knife to her throat. Again at another point in time, (Martinez) grabbed a knife and carved the number ‘6’ into the victim’s left hand stating that she had six months to love him or be killed.

“And lastly, at some point during the day, the victim stated (Martinez) grabbed a gun and pointed it at her head.”

After Martinzez was arrested he was hospitalised for high blood pressure and later admitted he had planned to move the woman from the location.

The businessman, who is the CEO of CBD referral scheme Truu Med, also told police he was a “millionaire.”

Due to his wealth and large collection of firearms, he will be held without bail.

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