School head went to confront PE teacher ‘in bed with pupil’ after prom

A former headteacher has claimed he drove to a hotel in the middle of the night in an attempt to confront a teacher who allegedly had sex with a pupil.

David Nicholls went on the hunt for PE teacher Melissa Tweedie in the early morning after the Gleniffer High School prom in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

He told a panel hearing today (Wednesday, February 9) that he drove to a Premier Inn to find Miss Tweedie at 2.10am and was met with six pupils in a hotel foyer.

He claims they said to him they were “adamant” that the then-23-year-old teacher, who is now 27, was in a room with a pupil.

He managed to get hold of Miss Tweedie on the phone, and she claimed to be at home – but the following day, the unnamed pupil admitted having sex with the teacher, the Daily Record reports.

Miss Tweedie is alleged to have partied with pupils at their school prom at SWG3 nightclub in Glasgow before going back with them to a hotel in June 2017.

As a result, she now faces being struck off the teaching register by the General Teaching Council for Scotland following an investigation into the allegations.

Mr Nicholls, giving evidence to the panel today, said: “On the evening of the leaver's dance I became aware that something was wrong.

“I saw (teachers) Heather Prentice and Lyndsay Cameron.

“They said Miss Tweedie had left with a group of pupils."

“She seemed absolutely fine and compos mentis.

“I later found out from senior staff that they thought she was getting over familiar with a certain senior student."

“Staff members were telling Miss Tweedie that they would get her a lift or a taxi.

“She refused and said she was getting a lift from her flatmate."

Mr Nicholls added: “At 1.45am, one of the senior boys phoned me.

"The boy who phoned seemed alarmed and said that Miss Tweedie was in the hotel.

"He seemed quite anxious."

The former headteacher added he met with the Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl in the foyer who appeared anxious and said a member of staff was in the hotel.

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"One of the boys was adamant that they saw her in one of the hotel rooms," he told the panel.

Mr Nicholls recalled the moment he managed to speak to Miss Tweedie on the phone, claiming she did admit that she had been at the hotel, but was now home.

He demanded that he saw her in the morning.

He also requested that she send him a “snapshot” of her current location from her phone, but she did not reply.

She was suspended the following day, as a result of the admittance from the pupil, pending an investigation.

Miss Tweedie now lives in Dubai working as a yoga instructor and faces being struck off the register by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) following the allegations.

Police Scotland was alerted to the incident and investigated it at the time, but found that no criminality had taken place.

The hearing continues.

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