SAS soldiers get new secret £7,500 e-bike to sneak behind enemy lines

SAS soldiers have a new secret weapon – a £7,500 e-bike.

They are ideal for covert operations as they are fast and quiet and do not emit exhaust smoke.

The QuietKat cycles come with handlebar-mounted gun carriers and can be used to sneak behind enemy lines.

They are powered by a 1,000-watt motor which can be topped up using solar power.

One source said: “These bikes are a revelation. They are fast, silent and robust – the three qualities which describe the SAS.

“We have taken them over Welsh mountains and through boggy ground.

“We have parachuted with them and tested them in the desert and they have proved pretty reliable. They require a certain amount of maintenance, but so do all vehicles. And they are far easier to fix than some of the trucks we use.”

The beefy bikes weigh around five stone and have a nine-speed gearbox that can handle almost any terrain.

A fold-up version can be used by troops parachuting into enemy territory.

The bikes have 5in-wide tyres similar to those on a motorbike, and a range of nearly 60 miles.

The Colorado-built bikes will be used to scout out routes for troops following behind in vehicles.

Bicycles have been used by soldiers for more than 100 years.

By the end of the 19th Century most European armies had bicycle units to replace horses for the delivery of messages and scouting and surveillance missions.

In World War One, the British Army had two Cyclist Divisions.

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