Ryanair hostess sacked after being filmed making racist slurs on boozy pub night

A flight stewardess has been sacked following the emergence of footage of her laughing while saying racist slurs.

Ryanair has dismissed Daisy Hulatt following the emergence of the vile footage, which saw her say “f*** the n******” while she drank at The Rose pub in Bedford.

The horrific words were captured on Snapchat and features a man believed to be called Bradley.

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The person filming tries to get Bradley’s attention – he then leans in next to Hulatt and says in a hushed voice: “F*** the black people” as she smiles.

She then looks at the camera and, leaning into a third person, makes her own vile statement.

The video went viral, with 346,000 views and thousands of retweets, sparking outrage on the internet as people scrambled to make Ryanair aware of the behaviour of one of its employees.

Both Hulatt and employer Ryanair were tagged by outraged viewers – the budget airline said on Thursday (November 10) that Daisy was no longer a part of their operation following the incident.

The Daily Star has contacted Ryanair for further comment.

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Mortified viewers have been taking to the platform to share their disgust.

One said: "Ryanair hello? Everyday tweeting jokes but no time to address this?"

"That's what Ryanair stands for poor service with a heavy touch of racism,” a second added.

Escort this disgrace off the plane,” said another.

A fourth chipped in: "Ryanair, ummm why you so quiet? Isn’t this your employee?"

A fifth person, who is understood to know Hulatt and her family said that the former hostess has been axed from the company.

They added: "Yeah she lost her job.

"I know her, friends with my brother just found out she lost her job and she says she might be moving out of Bedford."

On Thursday, Ryanair said: "Ryanair does not tolerate any form of racism.

"This individual no longer works for Ryanair."

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