Russians served mouldy Big Macs and insects in new knock-off McDonald’s chain

A new Russian fast-food chain set up to replace McDonald's has been caught serving mouldy burgers and 'insect legs'.

The new restaurants have sprung up in chains that used to be McDonald's after the fast-food giant pulled out of Russia following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

They have been rebranded as Vkusno I Tochka – meaning ‘Tasty and that's it’ – but judging by the reaction of customers, they're anything but.

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Eaters have complained of mould on the buns of their buns in several outlets, said Ksenia Sobchak, a popular TV celebrity and the Russian opposition’s most prominent woman politician.

Separately, “insect legs” have been glimpsed in the Russian burgers.

Posting on her Telegram channel, Sobchak complained: “Vkusno I Tochka sells mouldy burgers.

“It looks like they don’t quite honour the standards of McDonald’s, at least in terms of product quality control.

“Today at least three cases were recorded of burgers with mouldy buns sold to customers.

“Two of them were for my subscribers.”

When it took on the McDonald’s outlets Vkusno I Tochka promised they'd deliver “the same but better", however many customers have their doubts.

One said: “I don’t think it’s OK when you find mould.”

Horrible pictures show the sinister mould and Sobchak told the management: “Figure it out, guys, you don’t need to poison people.”

Other complaints at the new Russian chain are a lack of meat in cheeseburgers, and cheese sauces with expired use-by dates.

Some eaters posted images of “insect legs” in their food.

Eaters have also protested that the fries are “sad” compared with the real thing from McDonald’s, which had been in Russia – then the USSR – since 1990.

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Changes made to the brand include new packaging and the removal of the Golden Arches.

The CEO of Vkusno I Tochka, Oleg Paroev, said all 850 former McDonald’s restaurants would be open by September under the new name.

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