Russian troops slam top general and beg for Kremlin help

Ukrainian troops find working Russian tank in Donetsk Oblast

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Russia launched a badly-timed offensive to take the town of Pavlivka in Donetsk in recent weeks. However, newly shared posts on Telegram and even a private letter to the Russian Ministry of Defence from forces have exposed the disaster on the ground. Hundreds of men in the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet have died during the “pointless” offensive which failed to secure any ground for Vladimir Putin.

A stunning letter from the soldiers in the brigade was shared widely on Telegram.

Troops urged the governor of the Russian region of Primorye to contact the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The losses in Pavlivka are thought to be one of the worst single-operation losses for a marine brigade since the Chechen wars in the 1990s.

In the letter, the soldiers single out General Rustam Muradov, who was only promoted to commander in Ukraine in early October.

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The letter read: “General Muradov has thrown us into an incomprehensible offensive in order for Muradov to earn bonuses, and to be promised a hero of Russia.

“We lost 300 people killed, wounded, and missing in four days. The command of the district hid this.

“How long will General Muradov and Akhmedov plan military operations? They call people meat.”

In the appeal for help, the soldiers claim that “blood is pouring and pouring” while they wait for responses from commanders.

Videos from the region show Ukrainian forces continuing to repel Russian advances and even pushing them further back in Donetsk.

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Many analysts have pointed out that the Russians bizarrely seemed to wait for bad weather and muddy conditions to launch their attack.

Andrew Perpetua, who provides daily updates on the war, tweeted out a summary of the situation: “Russia’s attack on Pavlivka could not have been worse timed.

“It is like they sat around and waited for the worst possible time to attack and only launched the attack then.”


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He continued: “I cannot even comprehend the thoughts going through the minds of those in command, or if they even had any.

“Rather than aborting, Russia sent all their men to their death. They’ve sustained crippling casualties and achieved nothing.”

Rob Lee, a British defence analyst, tweeted that Russian Telegram channels are publicly discussing the “heavy losses from Russia’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade in Pavlivka”.

Several pro-Russian accounts said that the country’s troops had been left in “knee-deep muddy fields” which had become a “death trap for many”.

This comes as the Ukrainian foreign ministry has claimed its forces killed another 600 Russian soldiers in the past 24 hours.


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