Russian politicians threaten to destroy London as they mock Boris Johnson

Russian politicians and state media have threatened nuclear war and the destruction of London and New York.

Ultranationalist figures in Moscow taunted Western countries with a chilling ramping up of rhetoric amid fears of European conflict.

Vladimir Solovyov, a pro-Kremlin TV show host for Rossiya 1, mocked Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the "partygate" scandal.

Far-right politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky warned that war was inevitable and would lead to the destruction of New York and London, as well as Warsaw, Kyiv, Riga and Tallinn.

The alarming comments come from the veteran MP and Liberal Democrat Party leader, who has no power in government, but was allowed to voice his anti-Western threats on state TV.

Zhirinovsky said: "They're partying for the last time… champagne, whisky… there is a big tragedy ahead for humanity, for Europe.

"There can only be one solution, by force, no other…

"After the start of an armed conflict in Europe the count [of victims] would be in millions. There would be no time to count.

"Stop flying to New York – this city will soon no longer exist."

The firebrand politician's comments were broadcast on state media and highlight the alarming debate over the worsening of east-west tensions.

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The politician didn't stop with comments against the west, adding: "It's time for events that no-one expects, that seemed a fantasy…

"The great America, the rich Europe – it can all stop."

Zhirinovsky, 75, called London the "core of anti-Russian propaganda" and called Prime Minister Boris Johnson a "famous dancer".

Leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democrat Party and six time candidate in Russian presidential elections, Zhirinovsky presides over the fourth-largest party in parliament.

He added: "We demand that [the West's] weapons be moved away from the border with Russia.

"[In my opinion] all nuclear weapons including French and British should be taken out of Europe entirely…

"And if all those requirements are not met, and they will not be met, then there will be just one 'sanction' left.

"We will make them, not voluntarily but by force, fulfil our requirements."

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Presenter Vladimir Solovyov added that "the only way to solve problems is by force of arms" and that a nuclear war was possible.

On the same TV show, Professor Dmitry Yevstafyev of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, recommended the "de-nuclearisation of the degrading British monarchy" which he said resembles "a monkey with a hand grenade prepared to pull the pin".

Another MP – Yevgeny Fyodorov, 58, a member of the main pro-Putin United Russia party – also threatened the West with nuclear and biological warfare.

In a YouTube video, he warned that Putin could decide on using atomic weapons.

Fyodorov said the ultimate option is a "preventive strike with nuclear weapons".

"Or even just with strategic missiles at a training ground in Nevada.

"This is a US military training ground, there are no civilians there. If we (give) a two, or three day, warning, this is quite a good option."

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