Russian oil giant releases video of London freezing after worker turns off gas

Russia's state-controlled energy giant Gazprom has created an ominous video, warning Europe of a long winter with snow and ice taking hold of the continent.

The video is two minutes long and demonstrates how Europe will suffer from extreme weather conditions due to the high energy prices caused by Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The footage shows icy clouds appearing across the screen, with aerial shots of Brussels, Berlin, Paris and London incorporated in the video clip.

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The video includes a woman singing the words of a traditional bard song, Winter Will Be Long, by Yuri Vizbor.

The song features lyrics such as: "Look, across the river, autumn is dying quietly… And the winter will be long, only dusk and snow."

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany, was suspended by Germany as a sanction against Russia's invasion, was featured in the video.

Rolling blackouts, shuttered factories and a deep recession are all possibilities that Europe could face due to the serious energy crisis that will take hold this winter.

Sanctions placed on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine earlier this year meant, they cut off theIr supply of natural gas that Europe had incredibly depended on for years to run the likes of factories, generate electricity and heat homes.

Nord Stream 1, the main pipeline carrying gas to Germany, would stay closed according to Gazprom, who have blamed an oil leak and have claimed the sanctions put on Russia leaves them unable to solve the issue.

Calls of energy blackmail have been claimed by European officials as Gazprom's deputy chief executive officer, Vitaly Markelov, said Nord Stream I would not resume its shipments until Siemens Energy repaired faulty equipment.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has instead placed on the United States for the energy crisis.

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She said they influenced the European leaders to cut off economic and energy cooperation with Russia, a decision she called "suicidal".

The shut-off of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline means Russian gas shipments have fallen 89% from last year as Russia had previously supplied 40% of Europe's cheap natural gas.

The current situation means natural gas prices have soared to record prices in recent weeks.

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said: "The gas flows from Europe no longer play a role in my calculations, the only reliable thing from Russia are lies.

"So if Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks he has any leverage from gas, time is running out for him to use it."


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