Russian ‘Killnet’ hackers target Prince William in attack on Royal Family

Prince William has been targeted by Russian hackers who are supporting evil Vladimir Putin in a bid to stop the UK giving missiles to Ukraine in the bloody eastern European war.

His website was reportedly attacked in the early hours of November 22 by the Kremlin-supporting group Killnet, who overwhelm servers with bogus requests sent from bots.

Although the website is now loading, it appears to be carrying out extra security on its secure web connections.

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It seems the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made Russian enemies with their public support for Ukraine, after President Volodymyr Zelensky even personally thanked the pair for their backing.

Killnet took to Telegram to vow that "all medical institutions, Government services and online services" could soon be attacked too.

The hacking group prides itself on waging an internet war against the West and even tried to take down the Eurovision song contest.

Fuming after not being invited to the event, they tried to cause chaos in host nation Italy- but were thwarted and Ukraine went on to win the competition with a whopping 631 points.

Killnet cyber hackers had previously threatened to take down online voting servers throughout the final – but clearly couldn’t get past the “wide range of security measures” that Eurovision officials promised.

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Instead, they unleashed cyber-attacks on several key Italian institutions on the semi-final and final in Turin.

The tech terrorists also made a sick threat to shut down ventilators in UK hospitals and target medics across Romania and Moldova.

Although Russia has repeatedly denied carrying out cyber-attacks, the West has been improving internet security after Putin told Russian businesses to switch to domestic servers.

Experts said the move could be to ensure they’re not hit by Western retaliation after carrying out attacks of their own.

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