Russia pundit calls for nuclear drills exercises in horrifying threat

Russian pundit calls for tactical nuclear drills exercises

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Russian presenter and propagandist Igor Korotchenko used Russia’s state TV to falsely warn its viewers that NATO will soon issue a “direct nuclear ultimatum” against Russia. In light of the claims, he called for the initiation of immediate nuclear weapons drills to counter the alleged NATO attack. As the channel showed images of NATO and Ukrainian soldiers in the background, he also urged the Russian government to set up a “nuclear planning group” where Russian officials can plan which “NATO infrastructure or units to target” as he explained, “the time has come for us, plans must be worked out now already”.

Speaking on Russia’s Channel 1, Igor Korotchenko said: “We may encounter direct nuclear blackmail against Russia because American tactical nuclear weapons are now located in a number of NATO airbases.

“The formats of their use in combat envision the transfer to NATO countries with air power of free-falling American modernised nuclear bombs for hitting Russian territory.”

He continued: “Well, evidently the time has come for us perhaps, I’ve already said this, to hold drills for practicing scenarios in which Russian tactical nuclear weapons are used.

“It’s just that when we encounter NATO’s nuclear blackmail, we shouldn’t be running around thinking about how to respond.

“All response plans must be worked out now already.”

The presenter added: “I propose that a nuclear planning ground be set up under the Security Council ignorer to, with the participation of the military, politicians and civilian analysts, determine our aims and objectives, including of the eventuality of us having to react in this way.

“[The group needs to plan] which of NATO’s critical infrastructure facilities, which units and headquarters may be targets for a strike since we will soon be issued with a direct nuclear ultimatum by the NATO alliance.

“We can expect it”.

Russian pundit calls for tactical nuclear drills exercises

BBC correspondent Francis Scarr, who posted the clip on Twitter, said: “They’re talking about tactical nukes on Russian state TV again.

“Igor Korotchenko says “the time has come for us to hold drills for practising scenarios in which Russian tactical nuclear weapons are used… We will soon be issued with a direct nuclear ultimatum from Nato”.

The allegations from the Russian presenter sparked reactions on the platform with users commenting on the unfounded forecast.

User @Peter_Swain123 wrote: “More desperate hogwash. A sure sign they are losing”.

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@yoshkapundrick commented: “Translation: We are getting our teeth kicked in, and we’re scared”.

@mt0neg also said: “They have been threatening for months. Now they play victim, to something that is pure fiction”.

The claims from the Russian presenter came as latest reports from Ukraine reveal that the Ukrainian forces are making substantial territorial achievements amid their counter-offensive to retake control over Russian-controlled Kharkiv region.

On Wednesday night, Ukraine President Zelensky said his forces were moving “towards victory” and added that “stabilisation measures” have been put in place in liberated villages.

In his nightly address, he said: “Remnants of occupiers and sabotage groups are being detected, collaborators are being detained, and full security is being restored.

“It is very important that together with our troops, with our flag, ordinary, normal life enters the de-occupied territory”.

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