Russia forced to end war ‘within 10 days’ due to growing problems, says former General

Farage suggests a referendum for a Russia-Ukraine peace deal

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The Lieutenant General formerly commanded US ground forces in Europe and spoke on CNN and MSNBC about his belief that for Russia to continue the war, it has three vital elements. A presenter at MSNBC stated: “Ultimately, the sheer weight of Russia’s military strength, the amount of people they can throw into this conflict, will ultimately win.”

The host questioned General Hodges saying: “But you write about the idea of a culminated point. 

“The idea that if Russia gets to a certain point by which they are not actively winning, they sort of start to lose by default.”

The General was careful in his response to note that his conclusion on the Russian military was not a “crystal ball”.

He said: “My assessment is that Russia’s decision to transition to war of attrition, whether it’s smashing cities, putting civilians on the road because of fear of being murdered, they need three things to do this and they don’t have those three things.

“They don’t have the time, they don’t have the manpower, and I don’t think they have the ammunition.”

Reports have been steadily coming out of the conflict declaring that young Russian conscripts do not wish to fight, morale is low with food stores running out, and poor tactical decisions have left troops weakened. 

The key advances Russia had hoped to make within days of the conflict, were not secured and many have still not been achieved.

In response, President Putin has gone on the offensive and bombed civilians, ignoring war time conventions, reports state.

The General continued to say that if the West continues to send military aid to Ukrainians and accelerates the deliveries of such aid that will help destroy Russian artillery, rocket launchers and missile sites, we could see the end in sight very soon.

He said as long as aid is quickly sent: “I think within the next 10 days, Russia is going to culminate which means they will not be able to continue the attack any further.

“It’s kind of a race actually, if we give the Ukrainians enough where they can outlast Russia, until Russia culminates and, in my assessment, right now, unless something dramatically different happens, that’s in about 10 days.”

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General Hodges has previously called for a no-fly zone to be implemented above Ukraine and noted that the West needs to “be more muscular” in its response to Putin’s actions. 

He concluded that “some things are worse than the risk of escalation” which is the given reason why a no-fly zone is not being implemented.

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