Russia fighting for its land’ Putin’s puppets issue ‘genocidal’ threat to Ukraine

Putin mouthpiece says Russia is 'fighting for its land' on state TV

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Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov claimed Ukrainian people have no right to fight for their land as “none of it is theirs” but belongs to Russia. Referring to the Russian campaign in Ukraine, he encouraged Ukrainians to “wake up and remember who they are” after slamming Ukrainian culture by insinuating their language and traditions are “made up”.

Solovyov told viewers of channel Russia-1: “[Russian] troops are fighting for their land.

“And now I have a question ‘what would the Ukrainian territory defence fight for?’

“None of it is their land.”

Leading Vladimir Putin supporter and propagandist Margarita Simonyan added: “[Russian separatist forces in the Donbas] are fighting for their land, and Russia’s army is fighting for its land”.

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Solovyov continued: “We’re telling people [in Ukraine] ‘come your senses!’

“We’re telling people [in Ukraine] ‘remember who you are! Look at what’s being done to you!’

“Look at who conquered you, and remember your great past!’

‘Wake you and stop lying to yourself!’

“This is the main point.

“Why are they making up a language for you [people in Ukraine]?

“Do you need that language that Zelensky is trying to speak?

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“The religion that is being made up for you.

“Westerners say ‘they don’t greet you with flowers.

“Yes they are, despite their fear [Ukrainians] are welcoming us.

“And they will welcome us even more, when they understand that we’re never leaving”.

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