Russia conscripts tell commanders to ‘f**k off’ in mass mutiny fears

Russian conscripts shout at commanding officer

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Swarms of Russian conscript soldiers have screamed “f**k off” at their commanding officer as they demand to know where they are being sent. In signs of mutiny, dozens of the soldiers from Kazan, a small city in southwest Russia, were filmed surrounding their commanding officer, who appeared to be drunk after emerging from his tent, and calling him a “f***t”. The restless crowds chanted and jeered as one of their fellow soldiers confronted the commander.   

In the footage, the Russian commander exits his tent to chants of “F**ck off from here” and “Major, are you with us?”. 

There are cries of “we need answers” as the restless soldiers demand to know where they are being sent. 

One soldier screams out: “Where did all these OMON [the special-police branch of the National Guard of Russia] come from?” 

It is unclear from the video but it appears that security forces had arrived to control the unruly soldiers and help usher them into Ukraine. 

Chants of “Shame!” and “Say Sorry!” can also be heard reverberating through the crowds as the commander stands silent and stern-faced. 

As the Major is approached by one soldier, he says that “all of you read the schedule”, implying that their journey into Ukraine has already been detailed. 

But the soldier presses on, demanding to know why the commander called the soldiers “pigs” before shouting, “You made this mess! It is all your fault! F**king general. Answer”. 

The soldier then says: “Your arse will be in the warm!”, suggesting that while they are forced to fight in Ukraine, the commander will remain in safe territory. 

The commander is then asked where he got his epaulettes from, which are marks of his military experience, before the crowds protest that their leader is drunk. 

The footage was described by one social media user as “absolutely incredible” given the scale of rebellion. 

They added that it “has the flavour of 1917 mutiny about it”, referring to the last years of WW1. 

It is the latest sign of a Russian body of military reservists unwilling to go into war and unaware of what their roles will involve. 

Reports have suggested that many reservists are being sent to the front lines with equipment dating back to the Soviet era, while others have been ordered into Ukraine with nothing. 

One of the main weapons being issued, according to analysts at the British Ministry of Defence, is an AKM assault rifle, which was designed in 1959. 


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Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are pushing forward in the south, advancing on the Russian-occupied city of Kherson. 

Residents of the city received warning messages on their phones urging them to evacuate as soon as possible, Ukraine’s military said Sunday. 

Russian soldiers warned civilians that Ukraine’s army was preparing for a massive attack and told people to leave for the city’s right bank immediately.

Reports have suggested that Russian commanders have fled the strategic city despite its value to the war effort but Ukrainian officials have warned that such news could be a trap. 


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