Residents baffled as mysterious smell of rotting dead sheep takes over UK city

A mysterious smell has taken over a UK city and has left local residents baffled.

Worcester councillor Jabba Riaz took to Twitter earlier this week, on Wednesday (May 18) to complain about a “pungent stink” in the city, which is home to the world's oldest newspaper – the Berrow's Worcester Journal.

And it quickly became apparent that nobody knew what the smell was, or where it came from, but it was not pleasant.

Cllr Riaz, who is vice chairman of the city council's communities and income department, tweeted: “Anyone else in and around the city notice a very pungent stink yesterday or today?

“Any knowledge of where it came from and if it was worse than you normally experience?”

And one local resident also posed the question – but took it one step further.

They compared it to the stench of “a million culled sheep”.

They tweeted: “Any idea about the odour present in central Worcester today tonight.

“Stinks like a million sheep have been culled, processed?

“Its disgusting, cant open my windows.

“We are ingesting whatever c**p is in our air.

“We have a right to know what it is?!”

Suggestions of what the smell was ranged from “muck spreading” to sewage, but the mysterious smell has yet to be identified.

One person suggested that it was to do with sewage upgrade works taking place nearby, as Severn Trent Water started work on a £1 million upgrade lasting five months.

They said that this could lead to a “significant smell” in the area – but wasn't due to start until next week.

As it stands, the mystery of the smell still remains, with some residents claiming that it can still be found even four or five days after it was initially first reported.

It's not the first time Worcester has been home to a mysterious smell, either.

In 2017, residents were left with “burning” in their throats after a strange pungent smell took over the area of St John's.

The smell had gone on for months, blighting residents in the area, but officials were unable to find the source of it which vanished a few months later.

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