Reddit fans baffled by ‘holiday snap’ blunder as Google Maps shows only one limb

A Reddit user has been left baffled after he spotted a single leg walking along a beach in a Google Maps photo.

The discovery was uploaded by Reddit user 'u/helloalola' and has left several other users confused as to why it is just a single leg and questioning where the rest of the body is.

The user wrote: "Just some legs on a vacation".

Fellow Reddit users were quick to make jokes, with one writing: "I heard that place costs an arm and a leg to stay in, so I got a room down the road a bit."

Another commented, "Whoever that is, he doesn't have a leg to stand on", while a third simply said, "There they are!" Suggesting that the leg in the image is his and it had been 'missing'.

A fourth said, "Couldn't afford for ALL of him to go. At least this way he can go for a walk", with another user writing, "Somewhere in the world is a dude with only one leg missing his other leg".

Earlier this week, another group of Google Maps sleuths were baffled after they spotted an enormous rubber duck in a lagoon.

The sculpture was part of an open-air exhibition by world-renowned artists taking place in Santiago – the capital of Chile.

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The exhibition also included installations of giant fried eggs that people could walk over, as well as a toy robot.

The exhibit was only in Santiago for a few days in November last year, before it went on display in other cities in the South American country and it is just a coincidence that the Google Maps image was taken during the time when it was there.

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