Real-life Crocodile Dundee shopkeeper pulls out ‘bigger knife’ on robber

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A man who tried to rob a pizza restaurant ran away empty-handed after the owner produced a much bigger knife.

A court heard how Touhid Rahman was wearing a balaclava when he entered the La Cruzada Café in Canberra, Australia, in September last year carrying an eight-inch knife and a shopping bag.

Rahman, 36, brandished the weapon and shouted "Give me all the money!” at proprietor Johan David Cruz Arevalo.

But after telling Rahman he was getting the keys Mr Cruz Alevaro pulled out a sizeable meat-cutting knife from his "knife kit" below the counter.

Mr Cruz Alevarothen chased Rahman out of the restaurant, yelling ”What do you want, what do you want?” reports ABC News.

Rahman was wearing a distinctive pair of shoes at the time of the incident which led to his arrest after a police officer spotted them while on patrol near the crime scene.

As he was arrested , says the police report, Rahman shouted that the restaurant staff had “laced his pizza with cocaine.”

He added that he was the most famous person on the planet, and that he was the star of a hit reality TV show.

According to a police report Rahman later told a mental health worker that he had taken the balaclava and a knife to rob a café but was "chased out by someone with a bigger knife”.

The bizarre incident has been compared to a memorable scene in the 1986 comedy hit Crocodile Dundee.

In court today he was asked how he wanted to plead to the charge of attempted aggravated robbery, and he told Chief Justice Helen Murrell: "Guilty, please.”

Rahman was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next week.

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