Rare ’50p error coin’ marking London Olympics sells for whopping £1,000 on eBay

A rare 50p "error coin" marking the London 2012 Olympic Games has sold on eBay for a whopping £1,000.

And you could have one at home after around 600 of the swimming coins were accidentally released to the public.

A total of 29 different 50p designs were created to commemorate the games, each featuring a different sport, the Mirror reports.

But the recently-sold coin is worth a lot more, as it was redesigned to remove water lines across the swimmer's face shortly after being released in 2011.

Only a few of the original ones accidentally made it into circulation – thought to be around 600.

The 50p coin making news now was originally listed for 1p on eBay but after receiving 65 bids, 15 buyers had soon pushed it up to £955.

Another coin with the same error was sold in June 2020 for £10,100.

So if you're checking a stash of 50ps in your home, look out for the Olympic swimmer coin with too many lines on the face as you could be set to make a pretty penny.

Experts believe the error coins could be worth between £1,000 and £1,500 but warn there are many fake copies of this coin on the market.

It comes after a string of unlikely eBay deals reported by the Daily Star.

A "hopeful" eBay seller was caught flogging London Olympics trainers for £1,249,000.

User hazza3000's brand-new special edition Adidas kickers costed more than a special-edition Aston Martin Valhalla (£930,000).

They appeared to be the only brand-new Games Maker pair selling on the site with used ones going for £17.99.

He did not respond to requests for comment by the Daily Star and the shoes, which were used by volunteers for the games, remain for sale with £7.99 extra for postage.

Yet it appears other eBay users could still have given him a run for his money.

Ruth Eidsforth, who runs Discount Sports Skipton with her husband Tony, admitted her shop accidentally put up a pair of Adidas Womens trainers for £504,000 on eBay.

After we alerted her to the listing last month, she said: "Must have been an error! I'm going to blame my husband for that one.

"If we sell them for that we would not need to open shop in April. That would be awesome."

Asked about Hazza's offer, she added: "Bloody hell. I'm not sure who's paying that for them. That's a bit unrealistic.

"That's either an error or that's very hopeful."

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