Randy tortoise named after adult star wows keepers by fathering 8 babies at 70

Randy giant tortoise Dirk has left his keepers shell-shocked after fathering eight babies at the grand age of 70.

The virile reptile, named after porn star Dirk Diggler from the movie Boogie Nights, has been “at it” most of the year with three females who share his pen.

In March it was revealed that two baby tortoises had hatched from eggs laid by 21-year-old female Charlie at Crocodiles of the World in Oxfordshire.

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That was the first time a British zoo had successfully bred a Giant Galapagos tortoise.

After that Dirk mated with female Isabella who laid four eggs which hatched in July before having two more with Charlie.

But Dirk, who is said to be in peak physical condition, appears to have no wish to take things easy and is apparently ready to mate with female Zuzu.

Shaun Foggett, founder and director at Crocodiles of the World, said: “It is a big deal in that for a decade or more, just one collection of giant Galapagos tortoises in Europe were able to breed the species.

“It certainly shows that Dirk is a potentially very important tortoise within European zoos.

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“The biggest boost right now is the fact that the knowledge we are able to gain and share from the incubation of the eggs to the raising of the young.

“Dirk doesn’t seem to be in need of a rest and remains living with the females.”

There are now about 15,000 of his species left in the world compared to 200,000 in the 19th Century.

The eight baby tortoises may be small now but they will grow to 30 stones each as adults.

Giant Galapagos tortoises are famous for their long necks and are synonymous with Charles Darwin who discovered the theory of evolution by studying them.

Dirk originally came to Britain after being caught in the wild on the Galapagos Islands in 1962.

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