Raging feminist activists launch campaign to stop new UK Hooters launch

A group of raging feminists have slammed the potential opening of American restaurant and bar-chain Hooters in Salford.

The brand is synonymous with scantily-clad women serving classic American food and alcohol.

It has come under fire many times over the years for being “misogynistic” as well as being accused of sexually objectifying women.

The UK currently has one branch in Nottingham, which opened 18 years ago, but two locations in Cardiff and Bristol closed in 2012 – just two years after opening.

And now the United States-based company, which was labelled by the Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson as “an archaic and chauvinist brand”, could be set to open in Salford after submitting a planning application to the local council.

The application applied for will see, if approved, the venue be given a licence to run live music, recorded music and dance performances, and be open from 9am to 1am seven days a week.

But a branch of the FiLiA women's rights group, called Womanchester, has slammed the application and called on it to be rejected.

In an article on their website, a spokeswoman said: “The entertainment inside Hooters is of a sexual nature. At a time when rape culture is prevalent in our schools, allowing a bar to open in such close proximity to children seems absurd.

“If the entertainment is not seen as sexual, why don’t Hooters employ 'Hooters Boys'? And why only choose to employ women of a young age, who are deemed to be 'sexy' enough?

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“Will women be sanctioned by the DWP if they do not apply for or take one of these roles, a role where sexual objectification of women is normalised?

“Hooters provide a children's menu and claim to be 'family orientated' yet in Bristol a 12-year-old boy was presented with a cake depicting naked breasts.”

The Daily Star has contacted Hooters for comment.

If the Hooters branch in Nottingham is anything to go by, visitors to any future restaurant based in Salford Quays will see the iconic bikini-filled Hooters calendar on sale, and waitresses dressed in the notorious skimpy white vest top and small orange shorts.

The menu is crammed full of American classics like Ribs and Wings, Philly Cheesesteak and Original Hooters Style Wings.

And of course, there's copious amounts of beer – just don't go looking for it on the much more toned down children's menu on a Sunday when kids eat free.

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