Putin’s defence minister pal ‘told to kill himself’ by top Russian official

Putin’s defence minister has been urged to kill himself by a fellow Russian military official amid chaos in the Kremlin as top figures fight amongst themselves.

General Sergei Shoigu faced the startling comments from Kirill Stremousov, who is head of the Kherson region, following a series of embarrassing setbacks as the brave Ukrainian army seized significant chunks of land back from the invaders.

Shoigu, who has been defence minister since 2012, is one of Putin’s closest allies and the two men even spent holidays together in the mountains where Shoigu was raised.

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The highly unusual criticism saw Stremousov rage in a four-minute clip: “A lot of people say that the defence minister, as an officer who let that happen, could shoot himself.

“But you know what, the word ‘officer’ is not familiar for some people.”

He accused his own country’s defence ministry of consisting of "ministers, mediocre and corrupt generals and marauders” in the Telegram statement.

But the Russian official made it clear he wasn’t taking an anti-war moral high ground and instead demanded a more ruthless and effective army to defeat Ukraine.

He went on in his video statement to claim that his country’s retreat was actually just a “re-grouping” to save lives of troops.

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Stremousov also repeated Kremlin propaganda that Russian troops are continuing to push back the Ukranian army and everything is “without changes and panic”.

Although it is very rare for Putin to be publicly called out by allies – who fear the tyrant’s wrath and risk death by criticising the leader – there has been a rise in unrest and disobedience in the country.

Infamous warlord Ramzan Kadyrov said the military was infected with nepotism and demanded high ranking officers had their ranks stripped and be sent to the frontline to fight barefoot.

Whilst even a Russian state media commentator known as the ‘Iron doll of Putin TV’ appeared to criticise her county’s military performance.


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