Putin says Ukraine war is about taking back Russia’s land ‘like Peter the Great’

Vladimir Putin has finally come clean over the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine — while also admitting that the current bloody conflict is “horrific”.

The Russian president revealed that the war is all about regaining land and strengthening their collective hand.

Speaking to a bunch of young entrepreneurs and specialists ahead of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Moscow, Putin explained the rationale about the war in Ukraine.

He said: “Peter the Great led the Northern War for 21 years. It would seem that he fought with Sweden, and captured land… but he didn’t conquer it, he returned it.

“Well, it seems it has also now fallen to us to take back and strengthen land, and if we take these basic values as fundamental to our existence, we will prevail in solving the issues we are facing.”

This comes in stark contrast to previous motives that emanated from the Russian propaganda machine, who pointed to an alleged threat from NATO, as well as blaming the rise of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Putin also, rather surprisingly, admitted that the bloody and unprovoked war with their neighbours was a “nightmare”, although he was quick to lay the blame for the conflict on others.

“What can I say, everything now happening there in Ukraine is a nightmare and is horrific. And we should blame not only the Ukrainians, but all civilians and, of course, the United States.”

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In mentioning the US, Putin also claimed that the European Union is a “colony” of theirs and that no nation could both be sovereign and a colony, before adding that the EU “has no chance of surviving in such a tough geopolitical struggle”.

The Russian despot did insist that their energy resources and oil wells would not be cut off from the West, was their reliance on them was so great.

“As far as a refusal from our energy resources is concerned, this is unlikely for the next few years, while it’s not clear, what will happen during those few years,” he said. “That’s why no one will pour cement into the wells.”

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