Putin ally admits Kyiv could soon bomb Moscow after recent losses

Russian state TV pundit admits ‘things aren’t going well’

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Vladimir Putin is under increasing pressure as the Russian leader suffers a series of humiliating setbacks in Ukraine. A former Russian deputy foreign minister raised the possibility that Kyiv could even bomb Russia, including Moscow, given the state of the war. The conversation on Russian state television also saw another pundit suggest they are forbidden from discussing Ukraine’s recent re-capture of Lyman.

The former deputy foreign minister and senior Russian diplomat, Andrei Federov, warned that the loss of Lyman, a strategic town in eastern Ukraine, could lead to even more setbacks for Russia.

He suggested Ukraine could even bomb Moscow, as he explained: “Radical changes are taking place because Russia occupied, or rather they say, annexed these areas.

“For that reason, Ukraine is starting a war to liberate these territories. Not some kind of special operation, but a war.”

Mr Fedorov said that the Ukraine military could target a direct strike deep into Russian territory.

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When asked whether Moscow could be struck, the senior Kremlin diplomat responded bluntly: “Yes, of course.”

Commentator Maxim Yusin later admitted on the programme that pundits are told in the make-up room not to discuss the recent losses in Ukraine.

In a rare admission on state TV, Mr Yusin said: “We aren’t talking about what is happening in Lyman.”

When the host denies the topic is “forbidden,” the commentator responds: “Ask anyone here when they’re in the make-up room.

“I think anyone will honestly admit that they don’t know whether the mobilization will help us or not to change the course of military actions.

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“I don’t remember the precedent in world history when territories we don’t even control were absorbed into the country.

“So far, things aren’t going so well. It’s easy to say: ‘after the liberation of Zaporizhzhya’. Yeah, try liberating it, the way everything is going.”

The incredible exchange, shared by Julia Davis, who monitors Russian state media, signals the changing expectations about the war in Russia as they face the reality of military losses.


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Ms Davis tweeted: “Reality sneaks up onto unsuspecting Russian state TV hosts.

“One pundit reveals they aren’t supposed to mention Lyman (although the host denies it).

“He says that everyone knows things aren’t going well for the Russian troops.

“Another pundit says Kyiv might start bombing Moscow.”


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