Putin ‘a desperate man’ as realisation dawning Russia ‘will not win’

Russia: Putin's end 'coming much faster' says Tack

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Vladimir Putin is reportedly growing ever more “desperate” to wrap up the war in Ukraine as the invasion has now dragged on for nine long months, with Russian military forces battling severe strategic setbacks. The news comes as the Kremlin military leaders appear to have become more focused on attacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine as part of a desperate plot to devastate morale among the civilian population. In response, President Zelensky has urged his international allies to renew their support for Ukraine as the fierce winter months threaten to produce another roadblock for Kyiv’s counter-offensive operations.

Professor Scott Lucas, a specialist in foreign policy, discussed the impact of Russian missile attacks on civilian infrastructure across Ukraine.

He told Times Radio: “It’s not denting the morale of Ukrainians. It is killing Ukrainians.”

He continued: “After nine months, they still stand – the question is will we stand behind them?  

“I think you have one desperate man in Moscow and he is facing a nation that will not give in to his desperation.”

Professor Lucas insisted the level of morale among the Ukrainian population remains high but, by comparison, President Putin is facing backlash over a series of Russian military setbacks in the invasion.

In a Telegram message on Thursday, President Zelensky wrote: “Light always prevails over darkness, and truth – over falsehoods. That is why our invincible nation will overcome all challenges and ultimately prevail.”

He suggested the “Russian occupiers” could never share the same level of hope as they have existed under the “impenetrable darkness” of the Kremlin’s leadership.

His statement follows a series of savage bombing attacks across Ukraine. On Wednesday, a missile attack struck a maternity ward in Vilnyansk, killing a newborn baby and injuring at least one other person.

Elsewhere, attacks on the Ukrainian power grid continued, impeding access to heating and communication networks across the country.

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The revelations concerning President Putin’s “desperate” nature come after the European Parliament formally declared Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism.

The ruling was agreed in light of Moscow’s attacks on energy infrastructure, schools, residential buildings and hospitals, which were determined to be in violation of international law.

Russian officials denounced the move, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova describing the European Parliament as a “sponsor of idiocy”.

President Zelensky welcomed the decision: “Russia must be isolated at all levels and held accountable in order to end its long-standing policy of terrorism in Ukraine and across the globe.”

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In the face of Russian attacks on the electricity grid, President Zelensky announced “Points of Invincibility” will be deployed across the country. Local authorities will designate special shelters that will be able to provide all basic services to residents in the event of a community blackout.

The Ukrainian President asserted employees in the energy sector would be working “round the clock” to restore power to areas that have been affected by Russia’s new attack strategy.

The UK Ministry of Defence confirmed Russia had used uncrewed aerial vehicles to strike the electricity grid, but appeared to also be shifting its focus towards attacking “medical facilities”.

An intelligence report added that the Kremlin’s supplies of cruise missiles had likely been exhausted following the recent wave of bombing, so increased Russian use of UAV systems is expected moving forward.

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