Princess Anne’s priceless reaction as she was mistaken for Prince Charles

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Mistaking a princess for a prince might have meant a beheading under certain past monarchs, but a member of the current Royal Family brushed off such a faux-pas with grace and humour.

Princess Anne's likeness to her mother – The Queen – has long been recognised, but she was tickled on one occasion when she was introduced as her brother Prince Charles at an official engagement.

The embarrassing incident occurred a decade ago when speaker David Bolton proclaimed "Her Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales," reports My London.

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But the Princess Royal took the blunder in her stride and, after she had laughed along with the rest of the room, Mr Bolton explained, "It's the excitement."

As quick as a shot, Anne then replied: "There's a worry!"

Anne went on to say that she had been mistaken for Prince Charles in the past and then recalled a time when the future King was mistaken for his sister by a royal fan in Scotland.

She revealed: "My brother tells a story of having visited an elderly care home in Scotland and, at the time, he was in a kilt. He actually heard, when he was engaged in conversation down the other end, an old lady saying, 'Is that the Princess Royal?’

"Thought it was quite funny. And I am wearing trousers today," she added.

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A video clip of the moment has been shared online, with many of Anne's fans praising her for her laid-back and casual attitude.

One follower took to the comments section and said that they can envisage Anne's great-niece, Princess Charlotte, growing up to have a similar personality: "Why can I see this being Princess Charlotte… in many years to come…"

Another fan chimed in: "Absolutely brilliant response and spot on mimicry." A third added a comment saying: "That was pure class.

"She didn’t embarrass her host any further. And in her speech she turned it back on herself and Charles. Lovely."


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