Prince William ‘refuses to give Prince Harry free pass’ before funeral

Prince William will not allow anyone to muck him around before Prince Philip's funeral, including his brother Prince Harry, Lady Colin Campbell said.

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex are said to be "working as one" despite tensions after the Sussexes' bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Royal author Victoria Murphy previously pointed out that the gathering before the funeral has "an element of unification".

Appearing on TalkRadio today, socialite Lady C said Prince William will not let his grandfather's death to "divert him from his royal duties".

She said: "I think it sends a message that Prince William will not be mucked around.

"He will not allow sentiments to divert him from his duty to the British people and to the British crown.

"He is not giving Harry a free pass just because they are sharing a family sadness.

"I am behind Prince William 100% on this. I think it would be inappropriate to pretend that everything is well in the Garden of Eden.

"Everything isn't well. It's very good that he is actually making a stand.

"Prince William has mettle, he is not going to allow anyone to muck him around, or muck the crown around."

It was revealed earlier this week that the two brothers will be separated at the funeral procession by their cousin Peter Phillips.

Harry, who returned to the UK while following Covid-19 restrictions, is only allowed to break from his quarantine to attend Prince Philip's funeral but that won't include any private gathering.

Victoria Murphy said: "He has flown over here and he is allowed to, on compassionate grounds, attend the funeral service.

"But he is supposed to be quarantining outside of that. So he shouldn't be spending time with anyone."

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