Prince Harry’s ‘violent outburst’ at party with Meghan left pals confused

A new book claims that Prince Harry went into a rage at a friend’s wedding in March 2017 at one of the first important events that he and then girlfriend Meghan Markle attended as a couple.

The “violent outburst” at the nuptials of his Etonian friend Tom “Skippy” Inskip at the Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica, also had his mates baffled, reports the Mirror.

According to investigative journalist Tom Bower’s forthcoming 'Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors’, the Duke of Sussex spotted a photographer hiding in the bushes near their private villa which came just a few months after his and Meghan’s relationship had been made public.

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It is believed this incident heightened the guests’ suspicions towards the Duchess of Sussex, along with the fact it is claimed that she also “quibbled” about the food and refused to engage with some of Harry’s friends.

Bower, who also released a biography of Prince Charles in 2018, wrote in the book, which is being serialised by The Times: “Since this was the first important event Meghan and Harry had appeared at together, there was certain to be media interest.

“Secluded in the resort’s most isolated villa, Harry spotted a photographer in the bushes. He became incandescent.”

The author also claimed: “Harry’s friends were puzzled by his violent outburst considering the frequency of similar previous incidents in his life”, while also adding that his pals blamed Meghan for his eruption.

Bower also wrote that Harry's chums did not connect with Meghan during a weekend spent together at Sandringham, either, after their relationship became public.

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He wrote that 16 of the Duke of Sussex’s friends were on the jaunt to Norfolk, with Meghan challenging those who made jokes "involving sexism, feminism, and transgender people”.

The book is set to be published on Thursday (July 21).


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