Prince Harry ‘told Queen he’d name daughter Lilibet even before he met Meghan’

Prince Harry 'delighted' the Queen with his baby name choice before he even met his wife, Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced on Sunday that their second child Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on Friday morning at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California.

Well-placed sources say Harry told the Queen years ago that he wanted to name his future daughter after her affectionate nickname.

A choice which is said to have left the monarch "delighted", with Lilibet the name given to her by her grandfather George V when she struggled to pronounce her own name, The Mirror reports.

Harry’s decision, along with his wife Meghan to call their newborn daughter Lilibet – who will be known as Lili – has reportedly left the monarch "delighted".

The little girl, the couple’s second child and little sister to their two-year-old son Archie was born on Friday, June 4 at 11.40am in Santa Barbara, California.

Palace insiders hope the joyous news will "go a long way" to start to help heal the fractured relationship between the Duke and his family following his quitting royal life and setting up home in the US.

A royal source said: "Harry has always enjoyed a wonderful bond with his grandmother, which makes it all the more bizarre that he has gone out of his way to threaten the relationship over the last couple of years.

"They have been incredibly close and as you would imagine have shared some very deep and personal conversations as Harry was growing up, which carried on really until very recently.

"Harry has never made a secret of his wish to have a family of his own, often talking about how it would be great to have a boy and a girl, that he could name after the two most important women in his life, the Queen and his mother.

"He had toyed with the idea of giving a future daughter his mother’s name but was wary of the attention it would no doubt bring to the little girl.

"In the end, he mentioned Lilibet to Meghan, when discussing potential names for their children and she loved the idea.

"It’s a fitting tribute to the Queen and something many people will hope brings the family closer together."

Meghan and baby Lili Diana are understood to be "doing very well" as they settle into life as a family of four.

The couple said it was a "very special time" and described the baby girl as "more than we could have ever imagined".

Little Lili has been given the middle name of Diana, in tribute to her late grandmother and Harry’s beloved mum who tragically died in 1997, in a road traffic accident in Paris.

The monarch, who has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren who carry her name Elizabeth as their middle names – including William and Kate’s daughter Charlotte who has the middle names Elizabeth Diana – is said to have thought the tribute to both her and Harry’s mother was a "lovely idea".

Sources have confirmed that Harry and Meghan did not seek formal permission from the Queen to use the nickname, but they did inform her in private prior to announcing her arrival to the world.

The nickname Lilibet was also one of the affectionate names the late Duke of Edinburgh used for his wife of 73 years – another one being Cabbage.

The Queen signed Lilibet on the card she left on top of Prince Philip ’s coffin before he was laid to rest in April.

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