Prince Harry looks like ‘chess player’ planning his next move, expert says

A body language expert has claimed that Prince Harry looks like a “grand-master chess player” planning his next move, after a new video of him promoting National HIV Testing Week emerged.

The Prince was in conversation with former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas, in which he urged everyone to “go and get a test” for HIV.

He was making the call from his California mansion, which he and wife Meghan Markle are rumoured to be looking to sell.

However, Judi James, a body language specialist told The Express that there is far more to the video than meets the eye, especially when he starts to talk about his late mother, Princess Diana.

She said: “Looking like a grand-master chess player who has been planning his next move, Harry evokes the memory of Diana here, the woman who might once have been the next Queen, as a ‘check-mate’ to place her firmly in the public consciousness again just as Camilla was put formally into position as Queen-in-waiting.

“Who could blame him if this was deliberate?

“His undying fondness for his mother is visible in the way his features soften when he talks about her and his eye expression looks loving and reflective.

“He is re-stating his claim in terms of carrying on her good work by saying he feels ‘obligated’."

Judi James continued by saying Harry may feel distanced from the royal family in the UK and continuing the expansion of his own with the Duchess of Sussex in America.

The expert adds banter between Gareth Thomas and Harry, shows the "old, fun-fuelled Harry" for a fleeting moment before the "new Harry Kicks in".

She said "he returns to his more earnest, campaigning self, using exaggerated and illustrative hand gestures to make his points in the style of a global guru.”

She also claimed that his “fast-moving” eye direction changes during a conversation about wanting to focus on HIV issues shows that he has a real “desire” to create change.

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