Prime suspect in Suzy Lamplugh’s murder ‘on death bed’ as family begs for truth

The prime suspect in the kidnapping and killing of Suzy Lamplugh has been told to "cleanse his soul" with just days to live after her family has reportedly begged for the truth about their daughter.

Suspected serial killer John Cannan, 68, is said to have just days to live after being rushed from his top security prison cell to hospital last month.

Should Cannan, who is currently receiving palliative medical assistance, die, then it would stop investigators from potentially solving one of Britain's most notable missing person cases.

The 68-year-old was named as the only suspect in Lamplugh's disappearance twenty years ago in 2002, with Cannan himself admitting there are "one or two things I haven't even been caught for."

Those still hoping for answers over the disappearance of Lamplugh, a former real estate agent, have urged Cannan to "cleanse his soul," as one officer is said to have put it to the 68-year-old.

Lamplugh was reported missing on July 28, 1986 after reportedly having a property showing with a "Mr Kipper" and has not been seen since.

The 25-year-old real estate agent was declared dead in absentia on July 27, 1993, while police investigations as recent as 2019 have come up with no new or relevant information to the mysterious disappearance.

Police had searched the property of Cannan's mother in 2002 and 2018, dismantling a garage and searching the garden, but produced no new evidence after an inmate alongside Cannan, who was nicknamed Kipper, said Lamplugh was buried at the property.

Cannan, a convicted murderer and rapist who was jailed for life, is believed to be suffering from terminal cancer, with one source saying that the worry for investigators is that "Cannan will now take the secret of Suzy's fate to his grave."

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Lamplugh's brother, Richard, has appealed to the 68-year-old for answers, saying that he would like Cannan to reveal what happened to his sister Suzy.

Speaking to The Mirror, Richard said: "After all these years, I would like him to finally let us know what happened. It would mean a lot to the family."

His appeal was backed by an ex-Met Detective Superintendent, Jim Dickie, who said that Cannan now had the opportunity to "cleanse his soul" in an interview with The Sun.

The ex-detective superintendent said: "This is an opportunity for Cannan to cleanse his soul and above all give solace to the Lamplugh family.

"It is a chance for him to give them closure and bury Suzy with dignity at a time and place of their choosing.

"But it could cleanse his conscience and allow him to make his peace with God. It can't be easy to live with what he has done."

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