Postman broke foot when pushed off ladder as he tried to steal woman’s knickers

A postman has been jailed after attempting to climb into a bedroom to steal underwear from a woman who pushed him off a ladder.

Glen Holden, 58, broke his foot after falling from the ladder in what turns out was not his first daring escapade.

The 58-year-old had a routine for stealing underwear from customers he had developed friendships with during his 30 years working as a postman.

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The divorcee would dress up in black clothing and wear a beanie hat with a head torch on to disguise himself within the darkness of the night.

In order to carry out his crimes, he would carry an extended ladder but this time he was caught in the act at 1am after trying to climb through a first floor window.

Despite breaking his foot due to the 20ft fall he suffered, he managed to escape but was arrested five days later.

He was subsequently sentenced for two counts of burglary regarding two incidents at Manor Road and King's Road in Sherborne, Dorset, and was jailed for eight months.

Holden confessed to stealing underwear from several homes and said he would wash the items of clothing before sneaking back into the homes to return them.

Arthea Brooks, prosecuting, said: "He was a postal worker and he knew the area well. He knew the owners of the properties and delivered to them.

"He made it plain that his intention had been to steal underwear, that it is a compulsion that he suffers from that he takes underwear which he uses for sexual gratification then washes it and returns it. He explained that his victims knew him."

One victim said she had known Holden him for 10 years and always thought of him "as an honest, reliable, and happy man".

In his police interview Holden expressed regret over his actions and labelled his life "worthless".

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He said: "It is like I am acting out of myself – like a second person. I am just going to have to man up and take the hit for what I have done. My life is worthless."

Timothy Bradbury, defending, said Holden had a "compulsive desire" to steal underwear and that he suffers from PTSD, OCD, adjustment disorder, and an anxiety disorder.

He said: "Not only did he admit the offences himself, he volunteered the motive behind these offences. He was exposing himself to the obvious humiliation of what he had done.

"That suggests that the admissions he made were genuine. Mr Holden could not have done more than he has done to demonstrate how he has taken steps to address his offending behaviour."

Judge Jonathan Fuller KC spoke of Holden's escalation of stealing underwear from washing lines to breaking into homes in order to complete his goal.

He said: "This was a major escalation. You would have been fully aware of the consequences of breaking into people's houses at night. You chose to take that risk."


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