Pit bull with ‘huge muscles that ‘killed boy, 10,’ described as ‘beast’ in ad

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An eight stone pitbull that is believed to have killed tragic schoolboy Jack Lis has been pictured for the first time.

The pitbull was recently sold to the family of his playmate by a breeder who chillingly described him as a "beast" in an online advert earlier this month.

The highly muscled animal reportedly had to be shot seven times by police after it attacked the defenceless 10-year old in Penryheol, south Wales, on Monday afternoon.

It has also now emerged that the dog's owner was trying to get rid of the canine amid fears it would attack.

He wrote a plea on a bulldog Facebook page claiming the American pitbull-style animal was "great with people" but "unfortunately does not like other dogs".

In an online ad, posted on a breeders forum on Facebook, the original owner wrote: "Looking to rehome my boy he's 15 months old great with people but unfortunately he does not like other dogs at all.

"I've tried my best with him I have other dogs and can not put them at risk he needs someone with time mail for more info".

Earlier in the month on October 6 the original owner also posted a photograph of the dog on the 'Bulldog owners and breeder uk all bull breeds welcome' Facebook forum, sporting the chilling caption: “Beast 15 months 115lbs 24ttw.”

The dog was rehomed with a family in Penryheol but neighbours revealed it was only a short amount of time before the canine had attacked a cat, another adult and lunged at a child.

Nearby neighbours described the menacing dog to have "huge muscles" protruding from its shoulders as they saw it just moments after tragic Jack's death.

A dog legalisation expert has been brought in to examine the pitbull's features to see if it is a breed allowed in the UK, police say.

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It has been described as an "American bulldog or a pitbull" by neighbours, but could have be a cross-breed with the controversially banned Pit Bull Terrier.

It comes after other families in the area reported seeing the dog "snap" at neighbours, children and pets.

Jack has been described as a "sweet, sweet boy" as police look into if the breed of the dog was allowed in the UK – which may lead to criminal action over the schoolboy's death.

Chief Superintendent Mark Hobrough said: "We are looking at all potential offences and all potential actions that need to come as a result of this investigation.

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"Gwent Police will deal very firmly with any people who commit an absolute offence of possession of a dangerous dog by breed that are absolutely prohibited to have in the UK, and there will be no exemptions for people in possession of such.

"This dog has been dealt with in the quickest possible opportunity, there are no outstanding threats in the area."

Police were called to the house shortly before 4pm on Monday to reports of a defenceless child "trapped in a house and being attacked by a dog".

Officers "distracted" the animal before moving Jack out of the house as soon as possible.

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