Pet Husky’s face swells up like ‘Snoopy’ after getting bitten by deadly snake

A poor dog has gone viral after it got bitten by a snake in the snout and its head swelled up like a cartoon character "Snoopy".

The owner, from Anhui city in east China, found his pet Husky, Xuebi, suffering a facial swelling and drooling in the front yard just outside his house.

He posted a video on Douyin, a TikTok equivalent in China, showing young Xuebi looking drowsy while staring at the camera.

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The canine's head doubled in size as the man said his pet got bitten by a snake in the snout.

The owner took a picture of the snake and took Xuebi to a veteranian, who identified the snake as the venomous short-tailed pit viper that can be mostly found in China.

Luckily the vet treated the poor dog an anti-venom and he's recovering slowly.

The video has since been widely shared as viewers commented that the dog was "lucky" to be alive.

One commented: "That is so sad. Praying for little Xuebi to get well soon."

"Poor boy it must be painful! Looks like he got bitten in the snout," a second wrote.

Some teased the dog's swollen face and said he looks like "Snoopy" the beagle.

"You've got yourself a new pet!" another penned.

In an updated post three days later, the owner shows Xuebi's recovery – the swelling has significantly gone down and Xuebi looks happier than ever.

Last year in Singapore, animal lovers pleaded for help after spotting a dog with a swollen snout.

The poor fur baby was unable to eat and drink due to the pain and discomfort around the mouth.

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