Pet crocodile stolen by daring thieves who cut down four fences to reach it

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A group of thieves put their lives on the line to pinch a crocodile from its caged pen.

The suspects cut through four layers of fencing to reach the deadly animal, which was being kept at a commercial property located south east of Darwin, Australia.

Police said the culprits stole a number of items including a computer, tools and fuel, in addition to making off with a "small pet crocodile".

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The crime took place between 7pm on Tuesday evening (26 July) and 6am on Wednesday morning (27 July), 9 News reported.

The business was located at Gunn Point Road in Howard Springs, which is approximately 15 miles from Darwin.

Crocodiles of all sizes can be hazardous and will bite.

The frequency of their bites will depend on their individual levels of aggression. However, crocodiles of all sizes – from hatchlings to fully-grown adult – can and will bite.

Any that are bigger than 70cm in size are able to inflict nasty injuries.

Under Northern Territory Australian law, it is legal to keep crocodiles as pets if you are in possession of a permit to keep protected wildlife.

Pet crocodiles must be kept in an enclosure and must not be more than 60cm long if kept in an urban area.

Permits will only be issued for larger crocodiles in rural areas where a large space is available and there is no threat to the public.

The owner must also hold a senior first aid certificate and possess a trauma kit in case of emergency.


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