Pentagon experimenting with AI to predict the future and see ‘days in advance’

The Pentagon is experimenting with an AI system that would let the US military accurately predict the future and "see days in advance".

American boffins say their Global Information Dominance Experiment (GIDE) can achieve "decision-making superiority" through studying huge data sets and patterns.

Top general Glen VanHerck told The Drive: "What we've seen is the ability to get way further what I call left, left of being reactive to actually being proactive.

"And I'm talking not minutes and hours, I'm talking days.

"This ability to see days in advance creates decision space."

The news comes as yet another sign that future wars are likely to be dominated by technology.

Experts say the country that can deploy the best artificial intelligence systems will likely be the biggest military powerhouse in years to come.

Battlefields will be dominated by decisions made by AI as they’ve got the power to process data and react much faster than a human.

Glen VanHerck went on to hail the news as "a fundamental change in how we use information and data".

He added: "GIDE shifts focus away from pure defeat mechanisms for homeland defense towards earlier, deter-and-deny actions well outside a conflict.

"We're not creating new capabilities to go get data and information. This information exists from today's satellites, today's radar, today's undersea capabilities, today’s cyber, today's intel capabilities.

"What we're doing is making that data available and shared into a cloud.

"There AI looks at it and processes it really quickly and provides it to decision-makers."

The commander also made a subtle reference to Russia and China as he warned the United States has "two peer competitors, both nuclear-armed, that are competing against us on a daily basis".

It comes just days after top UK military officer Sir Mike Wigston said Britain faces "daily threats" from the two superpowers who are gathering intelligence that could be used in a future war.

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