Paedo jailed for abuse of 8-week-old baby appeals ‘excessive’ prison sentence

An evil paedophile who sexually abused an eight-week-old baby is appealing his 30-year prison sentence.

Bryan Michael Grange pleaded guilty to several child sex offences and was jailed in 2021 after it came to light that he had carried out "depraved" attacks on the newborn and two girls aged under five.

Judge Kara Shead sentenced him to 30 years for child sexual abuse with an additional four-and-a-half for possessing child abuse material.

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Grange, from Australia, appealed the sentence in the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and today (August 29) appeared before three judges.

Representing Grange, Barrister Sue Kluss argued that his sentence was "manifestly excessive in all the circumstances.

"The assessment of objective criminality was above what was appropriate in the circumstances," she said.

Kluss told the court that there was "considerable overlap" in the charges of producing child abuse material and sexual abuse.

She also noted that Grange pleaded guilty at the earliest possible opportunity.

She said: "These children were not physically injured, the perception they would have psychological injury given their ages is quite speculative.

"The ultimate submissions is that this level of sentence is just too high."

Prosecutor Krista Breckweg opposed the appeal, telling the court that it should be taken into account that Grange admitted to being sexually attracted to young children.

"The sentence imposed appropriately reflects the totality, given this was very serious offending," she said.

The appeal judgement has been reserved.

In 2021 a court heard how Grange opportunistically raped an eight-week-old baby while its mother and his wife smoked outside.

He later told a psychiatrist: "I had Viagra that morning. It was a pretty f**ked up time. I have no excuse for it."

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He also abused a girl aged one or two in a public toilet and repeatedly molested another young girl over a number of years.

Grange made numerous videos depicting himself molesting the girls.

Police found 30,000 stomach-churning videos and images of child sex abuse across seven of Grange's devices, including hundreds that were classified as the very worse kind.

They included videos of children being forced into bestiality and degraded.

Grange was later found to have spent AU$7,156 (£4,214) on a subscription website for child abuse material.


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