Outraged woman suing hotel for 10p after naked man barged into her room

A woman said she will sue a hotel for a nominal ten pence after a naked man barged into her room at night.

The Chinese female guest, known as Huahua on Weibo, has reportedly decided to take legal action to raise attention to a lack of hotel security and the hope of an apology from the Ji Hotel in Shanghai.

She also plans to sue the naked intruder when she gets hold of the surveillance footage after the incident on July 31 at the hotel which is part of the Huazhu Hotels Group.

The man was first caught on surveillance cameras wandering around inside the hotel in just his underwear and knocking on hotel room doors for almost an hour, said the South China Morning Post.

Security did then step in and take him back to his room and remain there for a while to ensure that he didn’t leave.

But the man wasn’t finished and Huahua claims that he entered her room, although she cannot say for definite whether he forced an entry or the door was unlocked.

Huahua said this time the man wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

She told South China Morning Post: "I shouted at him, 'are you crazy?'. He answered, 'why are you pretending? Your door is open. Didn’t you keep it open to let others come in to play with you?'."

Huahua called the police after she got him to leave and he was detained for five days.

Having decided to share her experience on social media, Huahua said she has received thousands of comments from people having had similar problems in hotels.

Ji Hotel has reportedly apologised on Weibo for what happened and pledged to improve safety at the hotel and others across China.

But Huahua said she wants a formal apology that includes the company’s official stamp.

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