OnlyFans stars with pets plea for fans’ cash after they ‘give up adult content’

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OnlyFans creators want people to give up on their 'New Years resolutions' so they can afford to feed their pets.

Adult performers looking out of pocket this month have taken to social media with a theory that people are trying to hold back from X-rated content at the start of 2022.

Users Savannah Solo and Ethereal Weirdo say they are not alone in relying on OnlyFans subscribers for an income but their pets including cats, dogs and snakes are too.

Savannah issued a plea to her 400,000 Twitter followers for them to throw in the towel on their ambition to cut porn out of their daily lives.

She wrote: "Hey can y’all ditch your “no porn” New Years Resolutions already??? Or do y’all really feel like you need to wait until Valentine’s Day??? Cuz I got nudes to share and 4 cats to feed".

Ethereal commented on the tweet saying Savannah is not the only one who uses OnlyFans to put food on a plate for her beloved pets.

"Same but 5 cats, 7 dogs, 12 snakes, 8 lizards, and 2 tortoises," Ethereal replied.

Jokers saw the opportunity for cat puns as too good not to chip in on the conversation.

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One said: "Sellin' one p**** to feed four more. It's tough out here y'all"

Another quipped: "P**** to support P*****. Sounds like a noble campaign. Either that or a sequel to the Vagina Monologues."

And a third joked: "Cats cannot live on nudes alone."

Others however took Savannah's concern more seriously and questioned why people wanted to stop subscribing to adult material.

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"No porn January and not nut November? Why is any sex based month about abstinence.

"How about we get BDSM March where people can experiment with the scene without judgement (not from those already in the scene who don't judge already, but those who think sex should be missionary)."

Acrobatic camgirl Leia has also felt the pinch this month but remains defiant and hopeful it will not last much longer.

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She commented: "The “no porn” New Years resolutions are keeping all my fin subs away. Lol. But rest assured…they will come back. They always come back."

So-called Anxious Camgirl responded to Savannah's theory: "OMG this is why it's been so f***ing quiet lol"

But fans themselves confessed that the lull in subscriptions was more likely due to be down to everyone's tightened finances than resolutions.

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Someone wrote: "I never made such resolution… it's the wallet that doesn't let me…"

Another admitted: "I ran out of money"

Savannah told Anxious Camgirl: "I’m sure it’s actually because of Christmas spending and tax season!"

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