OnlyFans mum is keen hunter who ‘prays for her kills’ and even brings kids along

An OnlyFans model has revealed her 'thrill' for hunting and even 'prays' for her kills as part of a number of tribal traditions.

Tiffany Poindexter, 44, from California, has shared her passion for the sport and says she often ventures to the deserts of California and Nevada to find her prey.

But far from being a 'blood thirsty' hobby, Tiffany believes it's following tribal traditions and a means of providing where little if any of the kill is wasted.

The brunette beauty said: “My tribal traditions require using the whole animal taken: the meat is food, some of my relatives from the tribe will take the hide and tan it and make some of the hides into drums or other things, and the bones are dried and painted and made into toys for children.

“In a rare case, I will have an especially prized animal mounted for display – but that is expensive.

“When I’m actually hunting, I will field dress the animal when I take him and leave the offal for the scavengers and carry the animal back to my cabin.

"There, I have a cleaning hoist and slowly remove the hide with my little hunting knife and prepare the carcass for butchering.”

“In any hunt, after taking an animal, I do always say a prayer for that animal and to Mother Earth for her bounty,”

And although her hands-on hobby could leave some fans squirming, she says the majority of her followers are supportive of her past-time and she's only had a handful of negative comments.

She added: “Many of my fans are outdoors-people because some of my content will occasionally feature hunting or outdoors-type activities, and they gravitate to me in the first place because of that."

The mum-of-three said she was inspired by joining her father on hunting trips from the age of three, and says that she even takes along her own boys aged eight, 10 and 12.

She added: “They always go hunting with me, but they’re too young to hunt or spend all morning and day traversing the desert.

"So my husband will set them a camp in the desert to play and explore while I scout about."

The avid hunter owns several firearms, spending $1,000 (USD) on rifles and up to $1,500 on scopes.

But she admits she's typically overlooked when shopping for firearms as salesmen often talk to her husband Chris, 49, instead – even though he doesn’t hunt.

And it's only when she shares pictures of her kills that the she's taken seriously as a skilled hunter and they gather around 'fascinated' by her efforts.

Tiffany hit the headlines earlier this year after her kids were kicked out of Catholic school due to complaints about her modelling career.

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