Ollie Robinson showing off to his teen mates doesn’t make him Shamima Begum

Having your entire career cancelled because of stuff you tweeted as a teenage sportsman showing off to your mates does not make you Shamima Begum.

Cricketer Ollie Robinson’s ­social media posts from nine years ago were undoubtedly vile. But they do not equate to stitching vests for suicide bombers or supporting the murder of kids at pop concerts.

The suspiciously pale, male and stale English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) should thank their lucky stars social media wasn’t around when they were younger. Because if any of them ­seriously have pasts as pure as a maiden over I’d be hit for six.

Being against footballers taking the knee at matches does not make you a racist. It makes you dubious about multi-millioinaire sports stars lecturing you about an anarchist ­organisation that hates, er, multi-millionaires.

Taking the knee at football IS a ­political statement. Wearing a poppy is remembering those who gave their lives so we are all free to make ­political statements. Spot the difference.

If footballers have the right to take the knee – and they do – then fans have the right to boo. It’s called democracy.

Hope all the players taking the knee are brave enough to do so ­during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where racism runs rife and human rights are non-­existent. That would be sending a message.

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England boss Gareth Southgate is entitled to his opinion. But rather he concentrated on ­scoring goals than political points.

The FA implying fans are racists for having an opinion is really a bit rich considering they, like the ECB, are suspiciously pale, male and stale.

Pride month is lovely. But big ­organisations who cynically hijack the rainbow symbol to flog stuff is not lovely. Especially if they don’t have the balls to do the same in countries where being gay is still illegal. And there are still an astonishing 69 of them.

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Talking of Pride, being a woman does not make you transphobic. It makes you an adult ­female who can become a mother and breastfeed.

Award shows will ­always give gongs to movies/TV programmes/music that tackle “issues” and winners will always make speeches that parade their ­worthiness and imply they are SO MUCH better than us.

The days of stuff we ­actually watched and ­enjoyed being lauded are long gone.

Being concerned about the increasing number of ­illegal migrants crossing the channel does not make you a Little Englander xenophobe.

It’s okay to think something is going seriously wrong when our Navy and border force control boats are actively picking said migrants up from French waters.

France is not a war zone.

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