Oddest claims from self-proclaimed ‘time-travellers’ including Obama on Mars

It's the far-out tale of a young woman who can time-travel back to the 1960s – and ends up in the body of a famous nightclub singer.

Last Night In Soho, which is out now, stars Queen’s Gambit actress Anya Taylor-Joy as singer Sandie and Thomasin McKenzie as the time-hopping Eloise who discovers life in the Swinging Sixties isn’t as glamorous as she expected.

The film also features former Doctor Who Matt Smith as Sandie’s boyfriend Jack and marks the final movie appearance of Dame Diana Rigg.

Time-travel has been a popular subject for TV series and films over the years, including Back To The Future. But real people have also claimed to be time-travellers too…

Two female Oxford University academics experienced strange events on a visit to the Palace of Versailles, outside Paris, in August 1901.

They claimed to have spotted people wearing odd clothing and seen buildings and other structures which hadn’t existed since the late 1700s.

Finally, Moberley, left, and Jourdain, right, insisted they had seen 18th-century French Queen Marie Antoinette drawing in a sketchbook.

They believed they had fallen into a “time slip” and been briefly transported back more than 100 years before being jolted back to the present by a tour guide.

In 2011, two men – Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings – claimed they were former “chrononauts” or time-travellers, who had worked on a top-secret US government programme called Project Pegasus.

They said US President Barack Obama – then going by the name Barry Soetoro – had been in their “Mars training class” in 1980, one of a group of 10 chosen to travel across time to Mars via a top-secret teleportation “jump room”.

They also said they had met him twice on Red Planet bases. The White House denied Obama had ever been to Mars.

In September, Alexander Smith went on TV to claim he had visited the year 2118 on a top-secret mission for the CIA –and had photographic evidence of the future.

Speaking to Apex TV, he said aliens will soon visit the Earth and make contact with world leaders, and World War Three will break out after a conflict between the US and North Korea..

To back up his claims, Smith – who said his journey had happened in 1981 – displayed a photo which appeared to show a futuristic city with green skyscrapers.

IN 1935, RAF Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard claimed to have experienced a “time slip” as he flew over a disused air force base in Drem, East Lothian. When he first flew past, it was dilapidated with cattle roaming.

But when he returned a short time later, it had been completely renovated, with mechanics in blue overalls walking around and four yellow planes parked on the runway – one of which Sir Robert, below, didn’t recognise despite his extensive aviation experience.

Four years later, Drem was resurfaced and the colour of RAF training planes had switched from silver to yellow. And, around the same time, the Air Force changed its mechanics’ overalls colour to blue – adding weight to Goddard’s “time slip” theory.

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Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova hit the headlines for her aim to turn herself into a real-life Barbie doll with a tiny waist, breast implants and a liquid-only diet.

But she also claims to be a time-travelling guru who communicates with life on other planets.

In a 2013 documentary, she revealed: “My out-of-body experiences began when I was a little girl. I could travel outside of my body to other planets and universes. Back then it happened spontaneously and now I can control my trips and travel only when I feel like it.”

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