Nurse who contracted coronavirus killed herself after fearing she spread disease

A nurse killed herself after testing positive for coronavirus because she feared she had infected others.

Daniela Trezzi, 34, took her own life after she contracted the virus while working on the front line of the crisis at a hospital in Lombardy.

Lombardy is the worst-affected region in Italy, and the epicentre of country’s outbreak.

The Italian Nursing Federation of Nurses confirmed her death a consequence of COVID-19 in a statement last night.

The federation expressed its "pain and dismay" at the loss of one of its nurses and said Daniela had been suffering from "heavy stress" because she feared she was spreading the virus.

Daniela had been working on the intensive care ward at the San Gerardo hospital in Monza but was in quarantine after showing coronavirus symptoms.

The general manager of the hospital said Daniela had been at home sick since March 10 and was "not under surveillance".

Sadly, the nursing group said this is not the first time a medic has taken their lives because of the stresses of COVID.

The federation said: "Each of us has chosen this profession for good and, unfortunately, also for bad: we are nurses.

"The condition and stress to which our professionals are subjected is under the eyes of all."

Italy’s death toll has dramatically surged in recent weeks, with hundreds of new fatalities recorded every day.

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Yesterday, the death toll rose by 743, dampening hopes the tide was starting to turn.

Medical workers make up around eight per cent of Italy's total cases, sparking concerns the virus could soon overrun the medical system.

It is a fear Boris Johnson expressed for the UK's NHS as he gave strict lockdown orders for the UK on Monday evening.

Brits have been ordered to stay home for the next three weeks, unless they're leaving to do shop for essentials, seek medical attention or take their government sanctioned daily exercise.

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