No damage, no injuries as Dartmouth feels 2.6 magnitude aftershock

The Montebello area of Dartmouth, N.S., once again experienced a minor earthquake on Tuesday — an aftershock from the event that dominated the news on Monday.

Earthquakes Canada indicates the aftershock occurred at 12:42 a.m., at a depth of approximately 2 km, measuring 2.6 in magnitude.

Halifax Regional Police say they received multiple calls from residents throughout Dartmouth reporting hearing sounds similar to explosions and their homes shaking.

That’s not unexpected, officials with the federal government confirmed to Global News on Monday.

Nick Ackerley, a seismologist for Natural Resources Canada, said that earthquakes may produce seismic waves when travelling through solid rock, which can create loud sounds.

“When those seismic waves reach the surface, they directly shake the air and that makes sound,” Ackerley said. “So it’s quite normal, especially when you are quite close to an earthquake and especially when that earthquake is shallow, to hear as well as feel the earthquake.”

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