New insight into Kiwi man’s death in South Australia brings family comfort

New evidence into exactly how a Kiwi man died while swimming at a South Australian beach has brought his family comfort.

Duncan Craw was snorkelling at Port MacDonnell in South Australia when he suddenly died.

While it was initially thought he died of a shark attack, a further investigation has led authorities to believe he died from an undisclosed natural cause before his body was eaten by a shark, reported.

“It brings us comfort to know that he would have passed away peacefully in the water,” Craw’s family said in a statement.

“While we may never know for sure, based on the evidence we do have, we now believe it is most likely Duncan suffered a medical episode long before the arrival of the shark.”

It comes as a new photo emerges showing Craw’s final moments. said Craw’s wife, Taylia, took the photo of her 2-year-old son, Levi, playing on the beach with a yellow spade while his father swam in the ocean in the background.

The photo was taken just moments before he died.

At the time of Craw’s death, his family said it was impossible to describe the hole the “cheerful, loving, helpful” and cheeky man will leave behind in the lives of those he knew.

The 32-year-old’s relatives said he moved to Australia from New Zealand at a young age before recently travelling to South Australia from his home in Warrnambool, Victoria, for a camping trip with his family.

“Duncan loved snorkelling and accepted the dangers he may face in the ocean. He was extremely unlucky this time,” the family statement said. said Craw’s family and friends held a memorial to remember him on Sunday and said they will continue enjoying the outdoors just as he did.

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