Never-before-seen pics give glimpse inside home of Libby Squire’s murderer

Never-before-seen pics have given a glimpse inside the home of the twisted murderer who killed teenager Libby Squire.

In what appears to be a normal family home, the photos reveal a behind the scenes view into the property police sifted through to gather sinister evidence which helped put one of Hull’s most notorious killers behind bars.

Producers of Sky Crime’s 'Libby are you home yet?' obtained the police photos of killer, Pawel Relowicz's home which are being shown in the three-part series on the rape and murder of Libby Squire.

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The disappearance of University of Hull student Libby, 21, on February 1, 2019, sparked the largest manhunt in Humberside Police history.

It culminated in the arrest of Relowicz, who was jailed last year for killing the philosophy student before dumping her body in the River Hull.

Fascinating images show Relowicz’s home in Raglan Street, off Newland Avenue, following a police raid six days after Libby vanished.

Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Dickinson told the programme she had no idea what they would find.

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There was much activity at Raglan Street at the time with forensic teams going in and out, adding to the mystery of what was inside.

“Are we going to find a young lady tied up,” said DCI Dickinson, “a basement she has been kept in. I had no idea what to expect until we got there.

“The officers went to the address to find a young family, a wife, two very small children and a husband acting perfectly normal.

"Not a monster or anything you think you are going to find, just a normal family.

"Straightaway you think, well, have I got the right place then, this is a normal family home.”

But it was a search of Pawel’s Vauxhall Astra that police began to find disturbing items.

Senior police search advisor Ruth Campion said: “It was only when we searched the boot that things became apparent.”

Inside was a pink holdall filled with sex toys and photos of girls. “There was also female underwear in there,” Ms Campion said, and that’s not normal.

"Family members were taken out of the house and then it was handed to us for us to search. The house was what I’d describe as a normal family home.

“A very detailed search was carried out and we recovered a drone from the property. We then took apart his computer and inside there was more female underwear.”

Relowicz had spotted Libby on a bench on Beverley Road after she was turned away from The Welly nightclub in the early hours.

It was later revealed Relowicz had been leading a sick double life in which he stalked and sexually assaulted young women in Hull.

The next episode of the series will be aired on Sky Crime on Thursday at 9pm and the third and final part on the following Thursday.


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